About the Authority

The Competition Authority exercises supervision in the fields of competition, electricity, natural gas, district heating, postal services, public water supply and sewerage, railways, and ports. In addition, the Authority settles disputes regarding airport fees and complaints of airport users. The Authority is in the area of government of the Ministry of Justice.

The functions of the Authority are divided between two divisions.

The Competition Division

exercises competition-related supervision, control of concentrations of business operators, analyses the competitive situation, and raises competition-related awareness.

The Regulatory Division

implements price regulation and market supervision in the markets of electricity, natural gas, district heating, and water. The focus of the divisions is on controlling the markets in the above-mentioned sectors as well as in the rail and postal services market. Additionally, the Authority resolves disputes related to airport and port fees.

The External and Public Relations Department

is responsible for ensuring effective support services for the Authority (including international and public relations, personnel work and training coordination, property and document management).

The Competition Authority employed 39 people as of the end of the year 2020, of which 36 were officials and 3 were employees. The Authority employed 70% women and 30% men. The average age of a staff member was 46 years and the average years of service at the Authority was 13 years.

Most staff members have higher education in economics or law. In addition, there are officials with higher education in disciplines such as thermal engineering, public administration, materials technology.

Over the years, the Competition Authority has placed great emphasis on creating an excellent working environment both physically and in terms of organisational culture. Thus, it was great to hear that the Authority has been selected for the Family-Friendly Employer Label Programme, which is a good opportunity to analyse all aspects of employee experience and to promote job satisfaction and commitment, as well as to be more effective in carrying out the Authority’s core functions. The programme covers various categories related to the employee experience, from recruitment and flow of information to organisational climate and promotion of health.