About the Authority

The Competition Authority exercises state supervision over competition, electricity, natural gas, district heating, mail, public water supply and sewerage as well as railways, aviation and ports, and unfair trading practices. The office belongs to area of government of the Ministry of Justice.

The functions of the Competition Authority are divided between two divisions. The competition division supervises competition, controls mergers, analyses competitive conditions, monitors unfair commercial practices and raises competition awareness. The regulatory division exercises supervision and regulates prices in the areas of electricity, natural gas, district heating and water. The division is also engaged in controlling the rail and postal service markets as well as the markets in the above sectors. In addition, the Competition Authority resolves disputes related to airport and port charges.

The Cooperation and Support Services Department is responsible for the functioning of support services (including international and public relations, staffing, organisation of training and events, asset and document management).

Graph of structure

As of the end of 2022 the authority employed 53 people.

The breakdown of staff by sex and age:

Graph of staff by sex and age

Average length of service of staff:

Graph of average length of service

The majority of staff members have higher education in economics or law. In addition, there are employees who specialise in fields such as thermal engineering, public administration and materials technology.

In early 2022 the joint Cooperation and Support Services Department of the Competition Authority, the Patent Office and the Data Protection Inspectorate commenced operations within the Competition Authority at the Tatari 39 building. The portfolio of services of the new department includes HR management, administrative organisation, management of state assets and funds, financial accounting and reporting