The Competition Authority recommended electricity sellers to increase customer awareness of the principle of price calculation of the exchange package

An inquiry among electricity sellers revealed that there are approximately 70,000 consumption contracts with exchange packages in Estonia, where the calculation is based on the monthly average exchange price, not the hourly exchange price. Consumers using such a package may not always be aware of it. The Competition Authority recommends that electricity sellers increase customer awareness and, if the customer so wishes, enable the customer to switch to hourly price calculation.

In connection with the significantly increased electricity prices, the activity of consumers on the electricity market has also increased significantly. The desire of consumers to make their electricity consumption more energy-efficient and manage it according to the hourly market price, which the exchange package should generally allow for, is very welcome. However, the package using the calculation of the average exchange price does not allow consumption management in a price-sensitive manner, the way the hourly price calculation does.

In 2022 the Competition Authority conducted a survey among electricity sellers regarding the electricity packages being offered in order to study the principle of calculating the market price of exchange packages. Contracts using calculations made on the basis of the average exchange price were concluded in previous years, and no electricity seller is currently actively offering such a package.