Action plan of AS Utilitas Tallinn to ensure cheaper heat prices for consumers

In relation to the drastically increased heat price, the Competition Authority requested an action plan from AS Utilitas Tallinn that would reduce dependence on natural gas and lower the price of heat for consumers.

According to the action plan presented by the undertaking, the first priority is the use of waste heat (adding additional scrubbers) in the undertaking's cogeneration plants. According to the authority, these are necessary investments that must be implemented as soon as possible, presumably by the upcoming heating season.

In order to save energy and enable more affordable heat prices for consumers, it is important to use the waste heat of flue gases in the waste unit of the Iru Power Plant owned by Enefit Green AS, where there is no corresponding device so far. The authority is of the opinion that the said heat should not be wasted and that appropriate investments must be made.

In addition, AS Utilitas Tallinn plans to build new production capacities. This step is also extremely necessary to ensure stable heat prices for consumers